Tourism and the New Zealand Economy

Here are some statistics – from November NZ Parliamentary Review – referring to the importance of tourism to New Zealand – looks at tourism expenditure and the contribution to employment in the economy.

Some points of note:

2012 – Total tourism expenditure by product:
– $5,119 million – other (which excludes fuel and other automotive products retail sales)
– $4,165 million – air passenger transport of
– $2,900 million – food and beverage serving services.

Generally tourism has been consistent with its contribution to GDP and the value in money terms to the NZ economy. However 8.6 was its lowest as a % but highest in dollar value.

The total number of full-time equivalents (FTEs) associated with the tourism industry was 186,900 in the year ended March 2012 – 9.6 percent of total employment.

Export Revenues Year ended March 2012
* Tourism – $9,558 million
* Dairy Products – $12,704 million
* Meat products – $5,389 million

Dairy products the engine of growth for New Zealand.

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