Tour of the US income distribution – “The L Curve”

Here is a great animated graphic that I got from a comment on the posting entitled “Distribution of Income – USA”.

The red line represents a graph of family income across the population. The height of the curve at any point is the height of a stack of $100 bills equalling that income.

– The family at the 50th percentile, the 50-yard line of the football field, has an income of $40,000 (A stack of $100 bills 4cm tall)
– The family on the 95 yard line earns about $100,000 per year, a stack of $100 bills about 10cm high.
– At the 99 yard line the income is about $300,000, a stack of $100 bills about 30cm high.
– The curve reaches $1 million (a 101cm high stack of $100 bills) one foot from the goal line.
– From there it keeps going up and at 50 kilometers, the pile of $100 bills extends beyond the stratosphere, more than 5 times the height of Mt. Everest.

Here is the link – just keep clicking Zoom Out on the site The L-Curve

1 thought on “Tour of the US income distribution – “The L Curve”

  1. Daniel Carter

    With all due respect Mr. Mark Johnson, I am completely bewildered by this post.
    You see it refers to the pitch as a “football field” and being about distribution of income in the United States, one would assume it is an American Football field, hence “50 yard line”. However, the goal posts take after the game of rugby, or dare I say it, hybrid posts that allow rugby and soccer to be played on it, resembling King’s College, Auckland no.4 field.
    Wondering if you could help me with my perplexed situation?


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