The two speed primary economy in New Zealand – Dairy and Sheep

Dairy2013 has seen the primary sector of New Zealand continuing at a dual speed. On the one hand dairy and beef prices are up, but sheep and wools prices are making it a real struggle for those farmers. The weather hasn’t helped matters and the North Island is currently very dry but for those in the South Island there has been enough moisture in the soil to maintain reasonable grass growth which ultimately keeps farmers happy.

Dairy Farmers have coped well with the mixed weather and the discovery of DCD in milk. Milk powder has increased in price by 9.8%. With the REINZ farm price index showed farm prices fell 14% from January to August 2012 Fonterra had initially forecast a substantially lower payout for the new season. However interest in farm conversions is still strong.

Sheep Farmers haven’t done as well. World lamb prices have been downward mainly because of the increase in lamb exports from Australia – increase in supply. Like New Zealand, Australia is predominately pasture-based and less affected by higher feed costs. Furthermore favourable seasonal conditions in Australia has resulted in extra stocking and it is estimated that lamb production will increase by 15% in 2013.

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