The Foods that Make Billions – Water

A festive hat tip to colleague David Parr for this excellent podcast from the BBC Worldservice Documentaries. If you had told me 20 years ago that bottled water would be a billion dollar industry I wouldn’t have taken you seriously. However, bottled water is the most revealing substance for showing us how the global capitalist market works today – it actually represents a kind of caricature of the global economy in that it provides people in the developed world with 20 or 30 varieties of something for which there is no actual variety. With a mark-up of over 3,000% it raises questions as to the power of branding, multi-nationals, and the power of the globalised market itself. Well worth a listen as you sit on the beach having that bottle of water. Click the link below to go to the BBC Documentary Archive:

The Food that Made Billions – 15th December 2010

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