Sir Douglas Robb Lectures 2011 – Empire and its futures

Empire and its futures is a series of three lectures by Tariq Ali. In a changing world with American military power transcending US economic weaknesses, the amazing rise of China and the continuing occupations in the Arab world and South Asia, what are the likely outcomes? Is it the case, as many argue, that the US empire is now in irretrievable decline? Will China flex its military muscles one day?

Lecture 1: Thursday 17 March – Islam and its discontents.
Lecture 2: Monday 21 March – US power today: The global hegemon
Lecture 3: Wednesday 23 March – The rise of China

All lectures start at 7pm. Venue – Fisher & Paykel Applicances Auditorium, Owen G Glenn Building, 12 Grafton Road.

For more information go to: Sir Douglas Robb Lectures 2011

1 thought on “Sir Douglas Robb Lectures 2011 – Empire and its futures

  1. Robin Watkins

    Will China become the dominant power? I know of one large company that is apparently planning to scale back its China operations. The reason given is wage increases. Is this company forseeing a shift in a democratic need of the people over a Military government. look what is happening to Africa. What does the future hold for China?


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