Planet Money makes a T-Shirt

From National Public Radio (NPR) in the US. Part of their website has a section called “Planet Money – The Economy Explained”. In the clip below they talk about the whole process of making a T shirt.

The Planet Money men’s T-shirt was made in Bangladesh, by workers who make about $3 a day, with overtime. The Planet Money women’s T-shirt was made in Colombia, by workers who make roughly $13 a day, without overtime. The wages in both places are remarkably low by U.S. standards. But the gap between them is huge. Workers in Colombia make more than four times what their counterparts make in Bangladesh. In our reporting, we saw that the workers in Colombia have a much higher standard of living than the workers in Bangladesh.

You can view the Interactive documentary by clicking the link below:

Planet Money Makes A T-Shirt – The world behind a simple shirt, in five chapters.

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