Outlook for New Zealand Economy

Whether students are doing NCEA or CIE I feel it is important for them to have some knowledge of the current state of the macro indicators in the NZ economy. The BNZ publication entitled “New Zealand At A Glance” produces a good summary of these indicators. They include the following:

*NZ’s Trading-Partner Growth
*Gross Domestic Product
*Unemployment Rate
*Consumer Price Index
*Current Account Balance

We remain in a period of significant uncertainty. That’s not going to change any time soon. Even longer lasting will be the period of deleveraging that we now face. This will place restrictions on economic activity, particularly in the developed world, for the foreseeable future. Be that as it may, we still believe the New Zealand economy can put in a creditable performance over the next year or so. Indeed, more creditable than many care to believe. Accordingly, we think the cash rate will eventually move higher than the market has priced and that the NZD may now hold up for longer than we had first believed. Click the link below to download the full article.

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