New Zealand – Top of the Global Peace Index – GPI

A hat tip again to Manasvi Narula (student from last year) for this piece on the Global Peace Index. The Global Peace Index (GPI) is a numerical measure of how at peace a country is with itself and other countries. It provides a foundation from which one can further investigate the absence or incidence of peace, by, for example, examining whether other economic or societal indicators show a statistical correlation. New Zealand is ranked as the country most at peace for the second consecutive year, followed by Iceland and Japan. Small, stable and democratic countries are consistently ranked highest; 15 of the top 20 countries are western or central European countries.

Twenty-three indicators of the existence or absence of peace were which are divided into three broad categories:
1. Measures of ongoing domestic and international conflict
2. Measures of societal safety and security.
3. Measures of militarisation.

GPI – Ratings

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