New Zealand Regional GDP – End of Year March 2013

From the Parliamentary Library – Statistics New Zealand has published regional gross domestic product figures for the years ended March 2007 – 2013. These figures show the size and structure (in terms of industry output in the year ended March 2011) of 15 regions for New Zealand, along with changes in both size and structure over time. It should be noted that the gross domestic product figures are nominal, and do not take into account changes in prices of goods and services produced over time.

The Auckland region contributed 35.3 percent of New Zealand’s GDP in the year ended March 2013, followed by the Wellington region (13.5 percent), and the Canterbury region (13.2 percent). The South Island contributed 23.3 percent of New Zealand’s GDP in the March 2013 year. The West Coast region made the smallest contribution to national GDP, at 0.7 percent (although, it also only holds 0.7 percent of the estimated national population).

NZ Regional GDP 2013

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