New book – “The New Zealand Economy – An Introduction”

This time of year is useful to update your notes in order to consolidate the recent economic events in the New Zealand economy. In doing this you have to be prepared to search various sites for data and information which can be very time consuming. However, Ralph Lattimore and Shamubeel Eaqub have written a compact primer on the New Zealand economy that is both functional and accessible. In less than 150 pages the pair have outlined not only how the local economy works, but why it works and how it’s measured. The book works its way through New Zealand’s trade history as it explains the various aspects of national economics in general and the quirks specific to New Zealand in particular.

Topics include: Trade, the labour market, Government sector and fiscal policy, Global economic development. The graphs are all up to the March Quarter 2010 and as a very useful added bonus the book’s authors have provided a link to all of the data and graphs used to support and illustrate their arguments. Just click the link below:

NZ Economy

The New Zealand Economy: An Introduction
by Ralph Lattimore and Shamubeel Eaqub
Publishing 7 October 2011 by Auckland University Press
ISBN 9781869404895

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