Neo-Nazis fund anti-Nazi charity

For years neo-Nazi groups have marched through the German town of Wunsiedel in commemoration of Rudolf Hess (Hitler’s deputy) – Hess was buried there until 2011. Residents of the town had observed the march from a distance and have staged counterprotests and filed numerous legal complaints in the past, but this year the group Rechts gegen Rechts — Right against Right — tried a new tactic. For every metre that the ne-Nazis marched, local businesses and residents would donate 10 euro to a non governmental organisation (EXIT Germany) devoted to making it easier for neo-nazis to leave behind their hateful policies. Therefore the 200 neo-Nazis had two choices:

1. Proceed with the march and indirectly donating money to the EXIT Germany initiative
2. Acknowledge defeat and suspend the march.

The neo-Nazis proceeded with their march and therefore contributed to an organisation that was committed to their downfall. Locals provided motivational banners and sustenance so that the neo-Nazis would keep walking – positive externalities for locals? An interesting tactic by EXIT Germany and an effective alternative to counter-demonstrations.

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