King’s College Economics Magazine – Marginal Utility

Welcome to the second issue of Marginal Utility – a student magazine from the King’s College Economics Department. Included in this issue you will find a review of the book ‘The Darwin Economy’ and coverage of topical issues such as the BRIC’s countries, the Euro crisis, Economics and the Environment, Game Theory, the free trade agreement between New Zealand and China to name but a few. I would also like to thank and congratulate the students for their hard work in producing this material. We hope you enjoy reading this publication and would welcome any feedback that you might have.
Year 12/13 Contributors:
Annie Huang (Taylor), Jimmy Yao (Marsden), Nathan Green (Marsden), Georgia Harrison (Taylor), Jamie Beaton (Greenbank), Richard Ngo (St John’s), Logan Irvine (Selwyn), Inez Zheng (Taylor), Alex Rasmussen (Peart)

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Marginal Utility 2

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