King’s College Economics Magazine – Marginal Utility #7

Welcome to the seventh issue of Marginal Utility – a student magazine from the King’s College Economics Department. Edited by Year 13 student Josh Grant this issue has articles on:

MU 7 cover.png

• Pension Tension – Harriet Butt (Year 12, Taylor)

• To Aid or Not to Aid – Josh Grant (Year 13, Marsden)
• What if New Zealand Elected Trump? – Benji Flacks (Year 13, Marsden)
• The European ‘Disunion’ – Tanay Mukherjee (Year 13, Peart)
• Too Demanding: Diagnosing NZ’s housing crisis – Geneva Roy (Year 13, Taylor)
• How much is Lionel Messi worth? Jacob Samuel (Computing Department)
• Gustav Mahler – Wealth Generating Musician – Warren Baas (Economics Department)
• The Paradox of Choice – Mark Johnston (Economics Department)
• Economics Bookshelf – three popular books published in 2016
• Economics Crossword
Click the link below to open the publication.


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