Kangaroo = positive externalities

The August EcoNZ magazine published by the Otago University Department of Economics had an interesting piece on kangaroo meat. In 2007 it was worth NZ$33.5 million and 80% of the meat that is produced for human consumption is sold outside Australia. The positive externalities associated with kangaroo meat are as follows:
* it is lower in saturated fat than other meats
* it is rich in conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) which has been shown to reduce body fat
* increased consumption may reduce instances of serious helath problems
* kangaroos emit hardly any methane gas in comparison to other livestock – if they replaced 7 million cattle and 36 million sheep yielding equivalnet meat, Australia could reduce CO2 emmisions by 3%
* their feet are soft and therefore damage to soil would be reduced
* they are free-range animals and therefore don’t suffer the same diseases as other livestock

However eating the national icon is considered an insult against Australian heritage for many Australians

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