England’s North South ‘Health’ Divide

There are some interesting statistics from a recent study out of the UK regarding the health of those in the North and South of England.
* 37,000 people in the north die earlier than their counterparts in the south
* deaths in the north before the age of 75 are 20% higher than the south
* gross value added per head (a measure of the state of the local economy) was 40% higher in the south

It seems that social and economic factors are extremely reliable predictors of health.
* Disposable income in the south is 26% higher.
* £19,038 in London and £16,792 in south-east. By contrast disposable income in the north east is £12,543
* Parts of the north have unemployment of 14.1% and on average is much higher than that of their southern counterparts.
* House prices on average increased by 6.3% in the south but experienced 3.3% fall in the north.
The ultimate reason for the gap is disposable income.

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