Chasing the ‘Apple’ Cart

Many thanks to Apple devotee David Parr for this piece from Here are some stats which are truly remarkable:

– Apple ranks at 18 for the largest corporate annual earnings of all time – the vast majority of firms above them being oil and gas. Apple’s profits place them on this exclusive list of the most profitable quarters among corporations. You’ll note that Apple is the only company on the list that’s not an oil and gas company. And they’re a “mere” $3.2 billion from the top spot.

– Apple’s profits for the last quarter exceed Google’s entire revenue for the last quarter – and it’s not even close ($13 billion to $10.6 billion).

– Apple’s revenues, while massive, are nothing compared to a company like Walmart, which reported $109.5 billion in revenue last quarter. BUT that $109.5 billion only turned into $3.3 billion of actual income for the quarter. In other words, Walmart has more than double the revenues of Apple, but Apple has more than four times the profits of Walmart. That’s remarkable.

Read the full article by clicking here.

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