Bollard interview on Radio NZ

Another hat tip to colleague John Beck for this great interview last Sunday (12th September) with Alan Bollard on National Radio’s programme ‘Sunday Morning’ hosted by Chris Laidlaw. Alan Bollard has been governor of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand since 2002 and he talked about his new book, a memoir of his experiences during the global financial meltdown – see the previous blog posting “Anyone for cricket? Yes please – Alan Bollard”. In the interview he talks of the pressures of job and the impact of stress on his life. A debilitating migraine affected him around the time of the December Monetary Policy Statement in 2008. However, he did feel that he proved to himself that he was able to cope with the pressure of the financial crisis. According to the National Business Review, in October 2008 Bollard found a pleasant cafe in the high street of Timaru and painted a watercolour in a sketch book he carries. His phone vibrated during an opera in Wellington and the talk at the races that year was about the crisis. He is one of the few central bank governors in the world who does not have personal security and he found himself wondering if it was a good idea to be walking home in the dark alone through Wellington’s botanical gardens after receiving a death threat. Reflecting now, Alan Bollard said he was clearer that the recovery was going to be a fragile process. Click on the link below to go to home page of National Radio’s Sunday Morning programme where you can listen to the interview. ‘Sunday Morning’

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