America’s 21st century replacement for Standard Oil, General Motors and IBM

A hat tip to colleague David Parr for this super piece from ‘Madison’ magazine. In the 20th Century Amercian business was symbolised by the likes of Standard Oil, General Motors and IBM. But in the 21st Century it is Apple that has flown the “Stars & Stripes” in the business world by making imaginative and productive products for its clientele. These products have subsequently improved their own effectiveness in everything they do whether in business or leisure.

Apple is a classy product and as a Mac user I would tend to agree with John Roach (Madison magazine) that Apple has shown immense creativity and originality in its products. The driver behind the comapny as you know is Steve Jobs and I do recall an interview with John Sculley (former Apple GM) when Steve Jobs lured him from his role as GM of Pepsi. Typical Jobs rhetoric summed up Sculley’s lack of ambition at the time.

“Do you want to sell sugar-water for the rest of your life or do want to come with me and change the world?” Sculley gulped (not on his pepsi) with the ambiton and drive of Jobs and subsequently went on to work for Apple.

One would think that Apple is the best Amercian Capitalism has to offer. Unfortunately America cannot compete in the production possibilities of China but it is not productivity that will save the US economy but innovation and willingness to challenge the boundaries. Apple has these attributes. Click here to see the full article

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